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Owning land is one of the great principles of the American dream. Being a landowner can be incredibly rewarding but it can also become a nightmare if you don’t know exactly where your property lines fall.  We’ve seen neighbors become sworn enemies and construction projects taken down because of a few feet. Having an accurate land survey in your possession puts you far ahead of the game. 

Surveyor Solutions Spokane is dedicated to understanding client needs and delivering high quality land surveys, on schedule. With over 45 years of combined experience, we are determined to deliver that combined quality of expertise to you. Our customer service based team is known for professionalism alongside some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

We believe in educating our friends and clients so while you’re here, let’s take a look at what land surveying is, the most common questions asked, and the different types of surveys we perform. 

What does a land surveyor do?

 As seemingly funny as it is – we get this question a lot. People see us with our tripods, drones and iPads but many really have no idea what we are actually doing. 

Measuring small things is pretty easy. With a ruler, compass and protractor, we can measure distances and angles accurately with just a little training.  An entirely different set of tools and skills are needed when measuring bigger things like a 3000 foot suspension bridge or a 400 acre tract.

This is where a trained and certified land surveyor comes into play. 

total station and tachometer
Surveyor using of total station

How much does a property survey cost?

You might have expected this answer but the truth is, it depends. There are many different types of property surveys along with other factors like the terrain of the land, size of the property, location, etc. 

Surveys in general average between $150 and $950. If you are a homeowner needing a boundary survey (which is common) the cost usually falls between $125 and $575. 

Remember, a land survey is only useful if it is performed accurately, and in most cases, in a timely manner. Price is important but quality of work is far more crucial. 

Your expert surveying team of Spokane has extremely competitive pricing at absolutely no reduction in quality. We believe in having clients for life and the only way to do that is perform exceptional work, each and every time. Customer service, competitive pricing and expertise make our company one of the best values in this industry. 

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Different types of land surveys​

Elevation Certificate

An elevation certificate is required when purchasing flood insurance within a FEMA flood plain.  The goal is to find the elevation of the lowest point of the structure while confirming the flood zone the property lies within.  These are meant to determine proper flood insurance rates.

Boundary survey

These are simply used to identify a property’s boundary lines. They are by far the most common type of survey we perform. These are intensive procedures that involve a good deal of record research and field work. 

Location survey

These surveys are typically required by title and escrow companies for closing. They show the relationship between new property improvements and existing boundary lines. 

Site planning survey

These services are performed when some type of development permit is needed. They deal with structural changes in relationship to property lines before construction begins.

Subdivision survey

You’ll sometimes hear these referred to as partition surveys and they are typically used to break up a piece of property. The service is also requested by city planners and government agencies when planning road and drainage construction.

Topographic survey

Have you ever looked at a topographic map? It has an array of elevations, features and markers. The survey will include all man-made and naturally occurring features of a piece of land such as roads, buildings, hills, valleys, rivers, utilities and everything in between. 

ALTA survey

These are even more intensive than a topographic survey because there is usually a lot on the line. These services are generally requested before large construction or transfer of ownership takes place. There’s usually a large amount of money on the line.

Construction survey

A construction survey involves staking out all the structures located on a piece of property. These will include buildings, utilities and fences. This helps construction personnel implement improvements and better follow the directions found in the development plans.

total station on construction site

History of land surveying

Humans like to build big things. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we’ve been good at it for a long time. But before any major project was constructed, there was most likely an ancient geometry nerd mapping out the land first. When you look at Stonehenge, for example, the angles and mapping out of the land was just as important as building the structure.

This is why a land surveyor is a civil engineer’s best friend. When a surveyor does his/her research and measures precisely, the engineer has a solid foundation to work on. 

Land surveying is an art, a technique and a science. It’s this process that allowed us to map out the continents. We use surveys to lay out plans for our massive suspension bridges and interstate systems. 

Fun fact: Our interstate and highway systems are the largest man made structures ever built. 

Back in the day, surveyors were using a tool called a theodolite to make their measurements. Theodolites sat on top of a tripod much like the tools we use today. The problem was, this older technology did not have the capabilities to measure distances and perform calculations. 

Today, land surveyors use an array of modern technology. Your local Spokane, WA team utilizes many tools but none is as important as the total station. Total stations are the modern theodolite. They do everything the older tools can do along with measuring precise distances and performing a series of calculations. It makes for much more accurate measurements and more efficient use of time. We are all glad to be surveyors in the 21st-century. 

Fun fact: The most famous American land surveyor was undoubtedly George Washington. It was his first government position when he was 17.

When it comes to having a residential property survey performed in Spokane, we always recommend going with our trusted, professional team of top notch surveyors. Sure, we may be biased, but we love our company and the way we benefit our clients. We’re confident that if you give us the honor of surveying your property, we will show you that you made the right decision. 

We’ve structured our company to benefit the Washington homeowner. We perform all types of surveys but residential is a major focus for us. 

Expertise, communication and timeliness are the pillars of any great surveying organization. We take this to heart and can’t wait to prove it each and every time.  So give us a call, we’ll discuss your situation and guide you through our process. 

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