Boundary Survey

 These are by far the most common residential survey we perform.  We strive for accuracy, timeliness and excellent customer service.

boundary survey for residential dispute

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What is a boundary survey?

A boundary or boundary line survey is pretty much just what the words describe. It’s a measuring of the land to determine corners and property lines. The surveyors use a combination of office and field research to pull off accurate work. 

These surveys are incredibly important for many reasons, one of which is that there are almost always two parties involved. Neighbors are supposed to bring each other sugar but we’ve seen them despise each other over a one foot perimeter dispute. In most cases either something was recorded incorrectly or the land owner isn’t aware of the correct lines that were recorded. Either way, accuracy is what counts whether it’s building a fence in a residential neighborhood or a new building on a commercial site. 

The professional land surveyors of Spokane bring the expertise and the effort to do the job correctly the first time. Our reputation to our clients is everything and only good work will sustain that. 

Education is a big part of what we do so we’ll give you a little insight into our process. These steps are similar for most types of surveys with some additions.

Steps to performing a boundary survey

This full process is a bit lengthy and there can be many more steps than what we show; but here is an in depth breakdown of our survey process:

The first step and having a boundary survey performed is communication between the property owner or potential buyer so the situation can be discussed. 

Once we receive a signed work order and are authorized to perform the survey, we will be ready to gather property information from the client. 

We then perform our own research about the property, as needed.

Next the survey field crew goes to the property and will measure structures along with any permanent improvements. 

We will then look for any subdivision survey monuments. These come in the form of railroad ties, crosses, rebar, iron pipes, etc. During a boundary survey, multiple survey monuments are located so that the correct location of property corners can be verified. 

Our crew will use specialized equipment such as a total station to measure distances and angles in order to verify the location of the house and other structures on the land. 

All boundary corners and property lines are marked and verified. If something is found to be incorrect, it will be changed and notations will be made of the change. 

Our drafter will then take this information gathered from the field for you to create what we call a “drawing” of the property. The lot dimensions and building lines along with any easements and encroachments are established from the combination of office work, field work and the subdivision plat.

A licensed professional land surveyor will guide and review every step of the project. The final drawings can be made into deeds, plaques or anything the commissioner of the survey wants. 

The final copies, along with the invoice, are delivered to the client and or mortgage company. 

How much does a boundary survey cost?

A boundary survey will usually fall into the range of $150-$600. We see an average of around $350. There are many factors that affect the price such as location, lay of the land, size of the property, etc. Land surveys are only worth anything if they are correct so quality of service and expertise matter much more than price. 

At Surveyor Solutions of Spokane we know quality comes at an exceptional price. Our local team is proud of the way we mix expertise and affordability so well.

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