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Here at Surveyor Solutions Spokane, we are dedicated to treating every customer interaction like it’s the only one we’ll ever have.  To our team, every client needs to be a client for life as long as they live in the wonderful state of Washington.  

Customer service is a cornerstone of our company and it is our mission to make that clear with every phone call and every survey.  

There is an issue in the industry of land surveying that involves a lack of communication and keeping to schedules.  It is not uncommon for a surveying company to perform a job months later than discussed with annoying and even devastating consequences to a land owner or engineer.  To us, this is totally unacceptable.  Good customer service means exceptional communication and that’s exactly what you’ll find at our Spokane based company.  We will explain our process and availability to the best of our knowledge and you can be confident you’ll receive nothing but honesty and understanding in every interaction.

We perform a great deal of surveys and we know it can be a little confusing if your a new property owner or just haven’t had this type of service performed.  The good news is we specialize in residential surveys and the most common type is a boundary survey.  It will be easy for us to determine if this service will fulfill the specific needs you have.  We also perform location surveys, topographic surveys, site planning, construction staking and more!

So give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll be pounding stakes in the ground before you can say Great Trigonometric Survey of India.  Well, we might have to look at our schedule first but time frame is not usually a big issue for us.  Whether you know what you need or just want to learn a little bit, reach out and we’ll do everything in our power.  Talk to you soon!